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Terms and Conditions


1. LEASE. Customer has agreed to rent from Satin Chair Covers Rental the items listed on the rental quote/invoice and, if applicable, to obtain services from Satin Chair Covers Rental as detailed on the rental quote/invoice. Lessee(s) will pay rentals for term indicated, whether or not equipment is used and will pay rent for each continuation term, which shall be due up to complete equipment return to Satin Chair Covers Rental. Requests for goods,labor, or other costs incurred due to circumstances beyond Satin Chair Covers Rental’s control will be additional charges to Lessee(s).


2. PAYMENT POLICY. A $100.00 deposit is required to initiate your order-deposits are non-refundable after 7 business days. This deposit will apply toward the remaining balance. At this point an approximate amount of chair covers and/or linens will be required. You have 14 days prior to your function date to change your order amount. (Any revisions or color changes must be made at least 1 month prior to the event date. Your final payment is based on the final amounts given 14 days prior to the party. All payments must be paid in full before set up/pick up of the order. Satin Chair Covers Rental can refuse set up of items if full payment is not received in which this contract becomes null and void. The Lessee(s) shall provide Security Fee $100.00 (with total balance payment). Satin Chair Covers Rental reserves the right to apply the Security Fee to cover any sums due in respect of damage, loss, additional cleaning charges and extended hire. The sum will be refunded back to the Lessee(s) within 14 working days following the event if any above does not apply.


3. FORMS OF PAYMENT. Personal checks must be received at least 10 days prior to event date. Money order, certified check, cashier’s check or cash are acceptable. Lessee may also make payments to decrease the balance due. If a lessee overpays on the rental charges, a refund check will be made out to the name on the contract and mailed out within two weeks following the event. In the event checks do not clear lessee will be responsible for a$35.00 returned check fee and Lessee(s) will be responsible for any and all legal fees, court cost and/or collection fees should payment be not resolved. Credit cards used for balance payoff are subject to a 3% credit card handling fee (added to the total).


4. EVENT CANCELLATION. Orders canceled within 30 days of the event are charged 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations within 10 days of the event are non-refundable. The entire order must be paid for by the Lessee(s) in order to avoid collection fees. This covers the cost Satin Chair Covers Rental incurs for turning away potential customers in order to secure the rental items for the lessee(s) event.


5. DAMAGED/MISSING/LOST ITEMS. All rental items remains the sole property of Satin Chair Covers Rental, although he Lessee(s) is entirely responsible for any loss, theft or damage to the items from the time of delivery to return after the event. If items leased are in reasonable wear condition or have minor rips, tears, stains, spills, etc., there will not be any charges to the Lessee(s). However, Lessee(s) agree to pay for damages to materials beyond repair regardless of cause or loss of items (i.e. tears, rips, holes, ink or wax stains or burns to the linen). Accrued rental charges cannot be applied against the purchase or cost of repair of damage or lost items. Items damaged beyond repair or missing will be paid for at its replacement cost (5x the rental amount). No substitute item will be accepted by Satin Chair Covers Rental. Lessee(s) acknowledges that he/she or designated party will personally inspect the rental items after use and find them suitable for his/her needs and in good condition, that he/she understands the proper use and agrees to inspect the rental items prior to use and notify Satin Chair Covers Rental of any defects. The Lessee(s) authorizes for Security Fee provided by the Lessee(s) to be used for any damages/missing rental items. We will count all items returned to us. If the count indicates shortage, the shipping manager will re-count the linens for verification. If the count is still short of the items you rented, your Security Fee will be used. Your signing this contract signifies that you agree with our linen control process and agree that this process is the final determination that all rental items we rereturned.


6. OTHER PROVISIONS. Lessor(s) has the right to refuse service, void contract to Lessee(s) of rude or uncommonly manner of if he/she feels threatened or endangered in any way. Satin Chair Covers Rental will fulfill their obligation of this contract unless specified in writing. We will supply clean, pressed and in good condition materials to the customers satisfaction. In the event that Satin Chair Covers Rental cannot set up chair covers or linens beyond its control, for such reasons as weather, accident, traffic, road closure or construction, acts of God, illness, etc.. we will refund the customer 100% of his/her money paid. It is responsibility of the Lessee(s) (if fitting chair covers themselves) to ensure that the chair covers are the correct size to fit the chair covers at the venue. Lessee is responsible for making sure the facility allows outside linen services.


7. Lessee(s), on behalf of Lessee(s) and all Lessee(s) guests, shall indemnify and hold Satin Chair Covers Rental harmless, and defend Satin Chair Covers Rental at Lessee(s) expense from all the claims, actions, loses, damages, costs of collection, attorney fees, expenses and suits arising from the use of items by any person or liability growing out of, or resulting from this contract. No refunds will be made should utility service be interrupted or utility outages including but not limited to water, natural gas and electricity. Satin Chair Covers will not be held liable for vandalism, terrorist acts, Acts of God, flooding or damage to property from any weather conditions. No refunds will be made should any unforeseen circumstances occur. Should any portion of this agreement be found to be invalid by court of law, the invalidity of that portion of agreement shall not affect the validity of the remaining portion of the agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.


8. If you do not sign this quotation, but authorize us to proceed with services by email, purchase order or verbal contract, you will be bound by our contract terms as stated. 


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Rental Agreement.pdf (PDF — 55 KB)

Credit Card Authorization - 429 E Ogden.pdf (PDF — 165 KB)